Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Dawn of the Storm: A Raina Storm Action Thriller (ADULT AUDIO)

Hal from Kim Creswell's other books is back but in a different role, this time he must go to Columbia to stop terrorist from bringing in a nuclear dirty bomb into the US.  But first he needs  to convince a mother of a 6 year old to go with him, oh did I mention she is probably one of the most lethal operatives in the US?
This book is so action packed  and full of suspense you might fall off of your seat if you are not careful.  Kim Creswell  is so awesome at the story, characters, and putting all those puzzle pieces together, and narrator Sarah Colton really  brings this story alive.  I love Raina and would love to see her again but also I don't want to see her taken from her child.  But Hal has been my guy for so long, it was nice to see him back, I just can't wait for more, because they seem like family now.

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