Sunday, December 23, 2018

Evolution: Age of Expansion: A Kurtherian Gambit Series - The Ghost Squadron, Book 3) (ADULT AUDIO)

Eddie  and Julianna are back doing what they do best, protecting the little guy, being a big thorn in the butt of the Trid, and out to get the brotherhood. However, they find there is a bigger fish to hook and right now Eddie and Julianna always seem to be one step behind.  A lot happens in this the book of the series, they gain another main crew member, there is a Ricky Booby scene that is not to be missed, and of course the awesome authors notes that should never be skipped.
This books is wonderful and keeps up with the others, I don't know how they keep doing it.  The constant snarky banter between the characters just keeps getting better and better as are their books.  I just love them and Chris Abernathy as the narrator is   perfect, he sucks you into their world and makes you feel as though you are really there, it is so awesome, I can not wait for more.

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