Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hell Divers IV: Wolves: The Hell Divers Series, Book 4 (ADULT AUDIO)

Everyone is back and  X is looking for the Metal Islands, a Shangri La of sorts for the hive people to finally live back on solid ground.  But this mission for everyone will stress a lot of people as they find out more about the past in several hours than they have known in decades or more, the question is can they persevere? 
This  was an awesome book, sure it had the action and suspense we are   used to , I mean sea monsters and everything, but this book just had a bit more.  It is hard to explain, maybe it was the more emotional side about the history they found, that is a side you don't often see from the Hell Divers. Maybe it is the  way R.C. Bray delivered that information in this particular volume, Bray is the wonderful narrator for the audiobook version, if you have never tried the audio version you should, he is that good.  What ever it was this book was really good and we will have to wait to see how Nicholas Sansbury Smith can top it.

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