Saturday, October 6, 2018

Deadly Shadow: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller (The Assassin Chronicles, Book 1) (ADULT AUDIO)

This book shows Kim Creswell at her best, as she hits another homerun out of the park with her new series The Assassin Chronicles.  I loved this audio, I mean what more could one ask for  kick butt take no name FBI agent and widower Victory, government assassin by paranormal powers and in love with aforementioned FBI Agent Derrick, a serial killer "The Wrapper" and much more.  There is a ton of action and even more twists and turns and suspense you can cut with a knife, this book has everything.  If you happen to get the audio than you will have the treat of listening to Robin Siegerman narrating, and she is good, she sucks you right into the world and you get lost and never look back.  These two make a great pair for this series and I hope they stay together.

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