Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Nocturnals: The Ominous Eye Book 2 (MG)

Our trio of friends, Dawn the fox, Bismark the sugar glider, and Tobin the Pangolin are off to investigate another mystery.  This time it was a huge jolt and a ton of ash falling all over their forest home.  Soon they meet a unfamiliar reptile that says she can help but can she be trusted?
This is such a cute book for middle grade readers on up or for little one to be read too.  With all the different animals and a mystery that will hold the reader captive until the end when all is finally revealed.  The illustrator, Kate Leibman, with her warm water color pictures add a awesome touch throughout the book.
There is also a multimedia site setup for the books at for children to interact and learn more about the nocturnal brigade and their nighttime world.

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