Monday, March 13, 2017

Rune Gate: The Rune Gate Cycle Book One (YA AUDIO)

Alex gets called to a crime scene, only the odd part is she is not with the police, she is a witch, one that can read minds and see things that happen.  Then when she meets up with Douglas, a man from the past (and another dimension) all bets are off.  But the strange killings make more sense now, but stopping them might be more problematic for the two, and how to explain it all to a sheriff that hardly believes in what Alex does might be out of the question altogether.
This book was very interesting, I really loved all the paranormal/fantasy aspects, and how everything was so well thought out, everything made sense, there where no holes in the story.  The action and suspense mixed with the backstories and other parts all made for a happy medium in this book. 
Audiobook narrator Mikael Naramore did a awesome job with all the different voices, he had me there trying to help Alex and Douglas, or just helping with the horses around the farm.  I found myself not wanting to get out of my car, I just wanted to keep listening.

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