Monday, March 20, 2017

It's A Bad Bad Bad Bad World (ADULT AUDIO)

Pawn store guy, junkies, assassin nun, crooked cop, serial killer porn couple, occult weirdo, a Rhodesian, and more.  All willing to kill each other and more to get these two swords that may or may not be the fountain of youth.  My favorite is the assassin nun, Sister Michelle, you got to love Kevlar vestments.  But there are no good guys in this book they are all bad it is just which is not as bad as the rest. 
This book is definitely filled with a ton of action and suspense.  Every time you think you have this story figured out the author calls squirrel and takes you off on a different and wonderful direction, it really keeps you on your toes.  All of his character are well put together and you will find something to like even in the ones you don't like.
Audiobook narrator Fred Wolinsky takes this book and makes each and every character different and unique.  He gives them different voices and different attitudes, Mr. Wolinsky makes you feel as if you are there in the story either helping your favorite character and hindering his enemies, but you are there with them in the story, seeing, hearing, feeling, everything and that makes for a awesome performance.

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