Friday, March 24, 2017

Paralyzed a Tale of Secrets: Vagabond Circus Book 2 (ADULT AUDIO)

When the worst happens to Vagabond Circus, Zuma and Finley must try and put the pieces back together.  Paralyzed is a book that strips all the pieces of their illusions away and shows you what a harsh world these performers have always lived in and what Dr. Dave Raydon always tried to protect them from, people like Charles Knight.  But Paralyzed will also show you the love and caring this family has for one another, a love story? Maybe, in a sense, but filled with action, suspense, and leave you ready for book 3, Released.
Narrator Steve Barnes in the audiobook, transforms the whole story so you feel like you are there and a part of the circus, he has a way of making you feel the part, sad, when you should be,  ready to help when Zuma or Jack need it, and always on the edge of your seat.  Mr. Barnes is really a very talented storyteller, and not one to be missed, I will be waiting for Released in audio.

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