Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Fourteenth Goldfish MG

I'm not sure how I would feel if all of a sudden my best friend had a crush on my grandpa, because, well, my grandpa now looked like he was maybe a year or two older than me.  Maybe I should explain.  Ellie's grandpa, Melvin Sagarsky, is a scientist.  Not your everyday kind of scientist either, he is looking for a anti-aging cure, and well, he found it, in a jelly fish named, T. Melvinus.  Even though Ellie's grandpa looks 14ish he still acts 76ish, and that can be kind of weird, so he gets detention a lot and it is a bit odd that a man with two PHD's and his own fan club, is in middle school, but it helps with the awesome humor of the book.
This book was really good it moved quickly with short chapters.  It was laugh out load funny at times, with some history mixed in and a great message in the end, that needs to be learned by a lot more people that just Ellie, and her grandpa, it is one most people need to learn or at least relearn, and it is not easy lesson. 

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