Monday, August 4, 2014

Sprit Warriors: The Scarring YA

This is a great sequel book to the Spirit Warriors: The Concealing.  In this book Emma must fight or be killed to save the ones she loves from the Machayawiw and this includes her friends and fellow spirit warriors.  She must deal with boyfriend and fellow warrior, Charlie's choice to move back to the reservation where he was once not welcome because of his Spirit Warrior ways.  The warriors have just lost a friend and fellow warrior, Lily, to the Machayawiw and must also protect there animal sides from the hunters that wish to see them dead.  All of this pain and stress on top of the normal problems these teens face as just being teens is found in this wonderfully written and inspiring book.  This is another wonderful book that adds diversity among our young adult books in many more ways than I have listed here, but the biggest is that this one is full of rich Northern Indian Lore (Montana Region), but don't get me wrong this book also deals with more issues relevant to teen life than most I have read in a long time, and it deals with them in a positive, encouraging way.  Even though the story revolves around 5 main teens, Emma takes the lead, she is very strong when she needs to be and a true country girl through and through (thank goodness).  But I fell in love with each of the five in their own special way.  I really loved the Native American ( O.K. Charlie, Indian) lore that was weaved throughout the book, but I have always been a sucker for a great earth story and that is what drew me to read this particular book in the first place.  I read this book without reading the first book, and that is fine, this book gives you enough back story that you understand what is going on with no problem.  But after finishing the book and loving it so much I just had to go back and read the first one, heck it will be a while before part three comes out so I might as well catch up, because I am just going to go crazy waiting anyways.  Awesome book!

5 Stars

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