Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prince Iggy & the Kingdom of Naysayer

Boa Press LLC
May 8, 2014
172 pages
8-12 year olds
This is a great action story for younger middle graders and reluctant readers.  Iggy is the misfit at the Naysayer Academy.  No matter what he does Teddy and the other children seek poor Iggy out to pick on and bully.  Finally, one night Teddy throws Iggy down the schools trash pit for the night and that is when both Iggy and Teddy's lives change  forever.  Iggy meets his new friends Captain Swell and Napoleon, and they take Iggy to meet others from the Rose Kingdom, Henry O'Henry, Professor Jones, and Miss. Blackfeather, and with their help Iggy finds the confidence he needs to believe in himself.  But does Iggy have enough to defeat the mean Miss. Spitfire and the evil king?  Will Iggy be able to take his rightful place as Prince Iggy Rose?
This is a great book filled with enough action to keep anyone reading.  It also has some wonderful illustrations spaced throughout the book that are worthy of much praise of their own.  If anything else you need to read this book just to see where the elephant fits in.  Come on you know you want too.  :)

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