Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pince Iggy & the Tower of Decisions

November 13, 2013
9-12 year olds
Digital only
Prince Iggy and his friend are back and have escaped the awful kingdom of Naysayer and are now on their way so Iggy can take his rightful place as the ruler of the Rose Kingdom.  But there might be a detour in store for our travelers as it seems the Rose Star is having a emergency and needs Prince Iggy's help.  The Rose Star is the star the Rose Kingdom's people gets all its strength and hope from.  But come to find out the star is just bored and wants a break.  After getting the star back in place and happy again the Prince and his friends are once again on their way to the Rose Kingdom.  But when Iggy arrives and confronts Queen Victoria she denies Iggy is the Prince and will not give Iggy the Kingdom.  It is then decided the Tower of Decisions should decide who should rule the Rose Kingdom.  The next morning Queen Victoria and Prince Iggy enter the Tower to see who will ring the bell first and become the ruler of the Rose Kingdom, however, the Queen has sent her sisters, Beatrice and Maureen, on an secret mission to help just in case Iggy makes it first.  But you will need to read the book to see what happens to Iggy and his friends on this great and wonderful adventure.
This is great sequel to the first Iggy book, the action and storyline were just as exceptional.  It kept me engrossed all the way through the book, I never put it down until I was finished, and can not wait until I can read the third one and find out what happens to Prince Iggy and his friends. 
4 1/2 STARS

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