Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Codename Zero

By Chris Rylander
Walden Pond Press
Ages 8-12 years old
Who would ever suspect that North Dakota could ever be so exciting?  Definitely not Carson Fender, and he has lived there his whole life, all 12 years of it.  But in one day it all changed in the blink - hum, well actually it was the passing of a box, not a huge box, and not a tiny box, but a box about the size of a shoe box, that changed everything.  Of course this strange man that gave it to Carson also told him to give the box to Mr. Jensen and no matter what do not open the box.  Well as it turns out there are two Mr. Jensen's at Carson's school and really?  You are going to hand a 12 year old boy a box and tell him no matter what do not open this box, and you think that is going to happen? Right... anyways, I am sure you can guess how that one turns out, but it does makes it all that much more dire that Carson find the right Mr. Jensen and, FAST!  Little does Carson know that when he finds the right Mr. Jensen, he will also find out all about the secret agency working right under his nose, but they also have a important job just for Carson, a 12 year old notorious prankster that lives in a small boring town, and goes to a small boring school in North Dakota.
This book was awesome from the start, really, who would have thought of putting fainting goats in a kids book?  It was action filled from the start and kept going.  The humor, oh my gosh, it had me laughing  so hard at times.  The characters were well rounded and believable.  It was a book I just kept reading.  Awesome book Mr. Rylander, I hope you make into a series so my N.E.R.D.S. fans have another series to read, and, I really want to find out about Nineteen.


  1. This was an awesome book! Have you read Mr. Rylander's Fourth Stall series? I haven't yet - it's on my TBR list.