Thursday, March 31, 2022

Flaming Crimes: Disaster Crimes, Book 4 (ADULT AUDIO)

Beth and Donovan are happily married and are now starting to think of kids.  But wildfires close to their home has them both on edge, so much so they don't notice some of the strange things that are happening to them for what they are, until it is almost to late.  Now the fire is coming for their house and while Donovan is helping keep water on the house Beth is running things to there car and helping neighbors until she finds herself running for her life.

These books just keep getting better, more action and more suspense, I don't know how the author does it but I like it.  Narrator Bill Nevitt gives it another awesome performance and I can not wait for the next book.  Beth and Donovan have become family and I love hearing what they are up too and how they beat the bad guys.

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