Thursday, March 24, 2022

Shattered: The Illusion of Truth, Book 2 (YA AUDIO)


We heard Tenly’s side after become a member of the Cobalt Premier Workforce in Collapsed book 1, now we hear what Kalib has gone through after going to his assignment in the Premier Workforce.  His job and function to the scarlets have been very different than Tenly’s.  Even through Tenly’s rejection and her implying that he cheated to get his spot, Kalib just can’t shake Tenly from him mind not to mention he promised her dad he would watch put for her. 

This was a wonderful book that showed a different side of the same place and allowed the reader/listener to get the whole story before moving on.  There is so much action and suspense that it will keep you up past your bedtime to find out what happens.  I had the audio and took the long way to each destination so I could hear more.  The narrator Darren Martens does a excellent job telling Kalib’s story that you forget that you aren’t actually listening to the character.  This is a great clean series one that should not be missed.

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