Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The School for Whatnots (MG)

Josie is raised from almost birth to be a whatnot, a child who acts a certain way (like a robot) and when old enough goes to school with a rich kid, until middle school.  The rich kids parents purposefully do this to save their children from being taken advantage of, Josie's dad did this so maybe she would get to go to nicer schools and get out of the poor neighborhood they live in.  But Josie and her rich kid Max turn out to be more than friends they are best friends that aren't ready to lose each other yet, and that is where this story gets very interesting.

This is one of those stories that is fun to read and makes you think if this could really happen, but at the same time makes you a bit sick to feel any child feels this way.  It is a great story of true friendship and even though that is not the full take away from the book I hope it is the main take away.  This book would be great for all readers as it has something for everyone.

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