Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Renegade Martin Luther The Graphic Biography (GRAPHIC NOVEL)

I think this is a awesome book for our older teens/new adult crowd especially to tell them the story of Martin Luther and the Reformation, this being the 500 anniversary.  It is told in a way that is much more appealing to that age group than a normal book would be that they would be expected to take home and read.  I know I would have never have read just a plain book on Luther's life however, when I saw this book I was instantly drawn to it and wanted to read it.  This book did not disappoint either, I enjoyed it a lot, the illustrations are awesome, but can be dark at times, so maybe not for small children, and the dialog was awesome as it followed Luther's life from boyhood on up. This book really made history fun for me and made it kind of alive in a sense, it was really cool.

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