Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brother Dust: The Resurgence (ADULT AUDIO)

Brother Dust an abomination born among the dust, fighting those responsible for drilling and bowing to the high father, while trying to give those on the planets affected a little more time.
This is  one of the best sci-fi, space, dystopian books I have read/listened to.  It started off fast and never  slowed down, it had me hooked from the very beginning.  The action and suspense was non stop, it kept my focus as I tried to figure things out before they happened, but it never worked.  I really enjoyed this book and the imagination it took to create a world like this and its colorful characters, it is phenomenal, also phenomenal is the narration job by voice actor Scott Berrier keeping all the characters voices straight and different took a lot of skill.  It is well worth the listen if you are a audiobook person like I am, I will certainly be looking for more books narrated by Mr. Berrier, not to mention books written by Mr. Hall and Mr. Beaulieu.

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