Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Uninvited: Psychological Extreme Horror Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

This guy is Dexter squared.  it is a great book if you really like the slasher, blood and guts, very detailed gory, extreme horror type  books.  If you don't, don't bother, you won't like it and will just complain, if you do like that kind of thing, well than what are you waiting for, check the locks turn up the lights and let s go.
This serial killer gets away with it and no one knows how, but he goes on terrorizing until the day the police finally blow him up or have they?
I had the audio in which narrator S.W. Salzman brings this story to life in my imagination more than I could have ever done it myself.  His use of different voices and the way he made the story his own just made the whole experience so much more wonderful for me.


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