Monday, September 5, 2016

Beyond the Stars at Galaxy's Edge (ADULT)

This is written by 12 amazing sci-fi authors that have come together under the Beyond the Stars title. They offer such awesome tales that take place in different worlds and in most cases aren't even human characters but each of the 12 stories takes place on the edge, of space that is.
I really enjoyed each of the 12 stories, many by authors I already know, and some by new authors I can't wait to read more of. Adam Quinn's "Procurement" is one of those new authors I can't wait to read more of, his story goes hand in hand with his new book just out. My favorite is by a new author, Michael Ezell entitled "The Good Food" in which a Jensen and his dog Roy are sent to a planet to terraform it, only problems arise, I will leave it there, but working with dogs I loved this story. Christopher Valin's story "Just An Old Fashion Lust Story" is a story of true karma, and will leave you with a huge smile at the end And Nick Webb's story "Second Place", well, any one would love that story whether or not they like sci-fi or not, it's just that good. Every time I read one of these compilations I don't think they can get much better but they always do, I can't wait to see what they have in store next.


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