Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ren The Monster Inside the Monster (ADULT AUDIO)

Ren Lewis has never faced a challenge that has beat him, but this might be the one.  It is a huge challenge he learns he cannot run from, but must face and not even on his terms.  Can Ren survive this challenge?
This is another wonderful book in the Ren Lewis series by Sarah Noffke, and I stand by my last review that this is one series you should definitely get the audible version of, and listen too, as Tim Campbell is Ren Lewis.  This is probably the most perfect match of book and narrator I have ever listened too.  I also suppose I have a soft spot for that outspoken, snarky, Ren that actually says what everyone is thinking, but never says.  I suppose someday I want to grow up to be Ren.


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