Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Solitary Way (AUDIO)

The seed ship Eden is on a voyage to find and inhabit a new planet, but time is running out, the ship is starting to have mechanical problems.  But Captain Adam Kadman, his sons, and Lilith (the ships AI cyber-brain) hopefully can see that the ship makes it through with its cargo of cryogenically frozen people on board. 
This is a really neat and interesting take on the Geniuses story, not exact, but close enough.  I was lucky enough to have the audible version as narrator Steve Barnes was absolutely wonderful portraying all the different voices of the characters and the way he brought the book alive made you feel like you were on the Eden with everyone going through everything with them.
This was a great book filled with action and suspense not to mention the age old sibling rivalry.  It is just a downright really good sci-fi book.


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