Sunday, July 3, 2016


Dan Jenkins suicide didn't get him out of his so called cruddy life, well I guess it did get him out of his life, but not the lives of those he gets dropped into.  Some were really bad guys that deserve to die, others just need a push in the right direction, either way, in time  Dan would get kicked out of the body and dropped into another.  But these lives are always a living hell for Dan until he gets the assignment of a lifetime.
John Monk took a really interesting turn on a old subject and wow how did he add so much action and  humor.  This book is really good and will keep you turning the pages to see what happens to Dan next.  I had the audiobook narrated by Steve Phelan who did a great job with all the different characters and made the story awesome to listen too.  The characters in the book are very realistic and the story moves at a great pace that will keep you page turning or in your car (or on the treadmill) listening.  So whichever way you choose to enjoy this book it won't let you down.


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