Thursday, July 7, 2016

Revived (YA AUDIO)

 This is the final chapter in Roya's story and everything is crazy.  Zheung is back, Chase is still the same old psychopath he has always been, and now we add Alouette to the mix, oh boy, this is one crazy action packed finale.  There is so much happening your head will be spinning  trying to keep up, really this is one not to be missed.
This is one awesome book.  Sarah Noffke kept my emotions on a roller coaster throughout the whole book as well as my rear on the edge of the seat.  Elizabeth Klett as the narrator of the audiobook version was so good, she is the Lucidites, she made the series and it was great to have her as the narrator all the way through the series.  She was absolutely great, and I can't wait to find more books narrated by her.
This book/series was awesome and now I can't wait to move on to another by Sarah Noffke.  Thank you so much for the enjoyment you gave me Sarah and Elizabeth!


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