Monday, July 19, 2021

Linked (MG)

 When a swastika appears on the wall of their school all anyone is thinking is who could have done this, but then even more appear.  Dana the only Jewish girl in the school wants to know if this against her personally, but still she is now thrust into the spot light.  Link the popular prankster of the school is looked to to figure out who did it.  Now that things are coming out Link finds out he has a Jewish background and is determined to have a Bar Mitzvah even though he has grown up a holiday Christian.  Growing on the Tenn. schools project of collecting a paperclip for every person killed in the holocaust Link and Dana's school has decided to make a paper chain of links, a link for every person killed in the holocaust, they know they may never get all they need but it is in the trying and the personalizing of the links so the kids of their school will fully understand the needless loss.  But still who is leaving the swastikas all over school?

This is such a good book and again Mr. Korman makes us think, and in our world right now we need to think of others which is what these kids learn to do.  The wonderful characters in this book that are so full of life and can teach us all a bit of compassion for each other.  This book also has its action parts but it is so full of suspense and twist and turns that I think even reluctant readers will lose themselves in this book.

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