Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Mañanaland (MG)

Max likes two things soccer and stories.  His grandfather fills him full of stories and his father and grandfather were both acclaimed soccer players. But the one story Max wants to hear no one will talk to him about, his mother who left when he was  a baby.  But things start to change when Max is finally old enough to try out for the towns soccer team but needs a birth certificate, which he doesn't have.  Max's dad leaves to get him one and Max and his grandfather are to keep the family bridge building going in his absence.  It is during this time Max's life will change first he learns his mom went to Mananaland and now he is determined to go see her.  Max also finds out his dad has been smuggling women out of their town to Mananaland, so when the priest from the other town brings a girl that needs to be moved quickly Max takes on the job.
I have probably said to much but there is still a lot more to discover in this beautifully written book.  The diversity of this book is something we all need more of, and I don't think anything I can say here will do it justice as it is a must read.

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