Thursday, March 12, 2020

High Stakes: A Knight and Devlin Thriller, Book 6 (ADULT AUDIO)

Michael is given a all expense get away for him and his wife to Romania all he has to do is pick up a package and bring it back.  But when the deaths almost start before he is out of Romania Michael know there is more to this violin than he was told, and back in Boston he is now in the middle of three gangs all wanting and ready to kill for the violin.  Now Michael is jet setting all over to figure this case out and to keep himself alive.
I love these Knight and Devlin books they are so full of everything, action, suspense, twists, some history, and even a bit of romance.  But to be able to lose myself in the audio like I am there with Michael is priceless  and the wonderful narration by Bill Nevitt makes that possible.  I can't say enough about how the author and the voice actor have made this series great they go so well together.

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