Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tin Men (YA Audible)

Amalie Jahn hit it out of the park again with Tin Men.  This one has all your favorite characters, but this time it is Charlie's life that is turns upside down and Charlie that is looking for answers only he can find in the past.  But when Brook is adamant about him not using his trip, she has to finally break down and tell Charlie why he can't use his trip to get the answers he so desperately wants.
But when he decides he is going to do it any ways they find away for Brooke's past self to help him find his answers, but will that come with even more consequences?
This was another killer book, it will suck you in and won't let you go.  The action and suspense just holds you.  I had the audiobook and the narrator Simon Lee Phillips really made this book.  He is a awesome Charlie, and put a pulse into the story it is great to listen to such a awesome narrator, read such a wonderful book, it is like they were made for each other.



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