Thursday, February 11, 2016

Voyagers 3: Omega Rising (MG)

The Alpha team is now on the Aqua-gen world, where they need to be careful of the sea monsters and pirates to collect the 3rd element and save earth. Dash, Gabriel, and Carly are searching for the pollen slither while Piper pilots the Cloud Cat above for element testing and extraction.  But the Omega's show up and put a wrench into everything, again.  Can Dash, Gabriel, and Carly save themselves and their new friends, from the pirates and sea monsters?  Who will get the element first?  Does everyone make it off of the planet? And, where is Chris?
This is another fast paced, suspenseful, awesome book in the series of 6. These books are wonderful with short, meaningful chapters that will appeal to all readers even the most reluctant will fall for the non-stop action and predicaments these kids find themselves in and have to find their way out of.  There are three books to go and you don't want to miss out, so get going before the next one comes out on March 1st, titled Voyagers 4: Infinity Riders. Also, don't forget the awesome games to see if you are a Alpha at


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