Friday, February 12, 2016

Blink: Utility Company Book 01 (ADULT)

Blink is a awesome book with a certain amount of creep factor, but tons of action and suspense.  It would really strange to be looking at your reflection in the mirror one day only to see yourself wink back at you, than your whole world and how you perception of everything in it would change in a blink of a eye.  Exactly what government agency do you call to help you with this weird stuff?  Well, the utility company of course, hey don't they get all the strange stuff anyways.
This is a great book you won't want to miss, it is like when you know you should go to bed but you just want to read one more chapter than just one more, than another and another, than the book is done and it is way past your bedtime, except during this book you probably won't want to go to the bathroom. 

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