Monday, December 28, 2015

Black Harvest ADULT

Everyone is back, and trying to figure out why someone would kill one of Selena's friends over some old tablets he asked her to translate.  But when others are also killed out of our governments alphabet soup of agencies things get very serious, and the Project gets tapped to take over.
This book was a fast paced, action packed, on the edge of your seat suspenseful book, the twists and turns are awesome and the book is actually kind of scary when you think of the chances of it really happening.
My favorite character has always been nick but I think the author and the awesome narrator, Jack de Golia have changed my mind to the ever calm Ronnie.  I was listening to this book via audible and if you get the chance I highly recommend the audio version the narrator is so good he gives everyone a voice and really adds a pulse to the book.


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