Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem (Adult)

* If you read my blog a lot than you know I don't usually do adult books but this was a special request from my mom, and it is a Christmas book (and you just thought I was only a sucker for AI books) and it was clean so what the heck.

This is not your typical warm fuzzy all the way through Christmas book.  This book will run through the whole gambit of your emotions at one time or another during the span of this book.  Even though there are sad and disturbing part in this book that might make you mad there are also many warm loving and funny parts the make this book the beautiful gift to us the reader I believe it was meant to be.  It is a awesome and powerful read the kind that will want you to slow down and appreciate what you have and tell the people you love that as well.  Take the time now to give this book a try especially if you have never tried  Traci Copeland before this is a good quick read from her to get you started.

5 Stars

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