Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rogue YA

What an awesome sequel to the book Talon, this series is a bit of a different direction for Julie Kagawa to my enjoyment and hopefully yours too.  This series has dragons, and plenty of them, and dragon hunters, the Order of St. George, don't worry there are plenty of them as well.  The dragons are taught at a young age (in dragon years) to coexists with humans by masquerading as humans.  Learning their final lessons as humans by living as a human teenagers among humans for the first time right before their final dragon tests.
Rogue picks up right where Talon left off, and it is even more action packed, if that is even possible.  So much happens, albeit slow at first, so if you haven't read Talon you will still understand what is going on.  But it is still best to start at the beginning, that way you can see for yourself how the characters grow and evolve with each other.
I really liked this book a lot, the characters even though dealing with very grown up problems still have very real teenage issues, sometimes they can be humorous, at other times you feel for them and the pain they are each going through.  Julie Kagawa is able to make so much of their world feel so very real as you read her book, sometimes you just won't want to leave.

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