Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blur YA

This is a great murder mystery/paranormal thriller for the young adults and the young at heart.  Daniel is a real enough character to suck you right on to the story as is you to lived in Belden Wisconsin and where part of Daniel's circle of friends. 
When Daniel starts having strange visions of a freshman classmate who has just died, he starts to question everything including his sanity, trying to figure out why he is having these visions, but in the mean time follow what the visions tell him and looking into the girls death.
It was nice to see that Daniel asked for help with this monumental problem and that everyone took his problem seriously, including his sheriff father.  It is also refreshing that this was a clean book even though the main focus was about a bunch of teens, but was written in a way that the language and such was not missed at all.
I really like this book and can't wait to start book two.  My only disappointment is that they have already classified this series as a trilogy, so there will only be three books.  :(


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