Friday, November 7, 2014

Tabula Rasa YA

A dystopian story about a girl named Sarah locked in a hospital in the middle of very cold, snowy, mountainous, nowhere.  But when her final procedure to remove her memories (Tabula Rasa = clean slate) is interrupted all heck breaks loose and the hospital turns into a military operation to kill one person, her!  Led by Hodges, a women on a mission, her soldiers kill everyone else in the process that get in there way, nurses, orderlies, patients, whoever.  But as time goes on Sarah begins to remember snatches from her past life before the hospital and when the procedures started, she knows she dislikes Hodges, but not why.  But to unlock all her memories she will need the help of a teen hacker, Pierce, who with his father is trying to stop the hospital and their practices for their own reasons.  There was one comment in the book about a burrito I was really not thrilled with but other than that, this was a face paced book that will hold any action/ suspense loving readers attention.

3 1/2 STARS

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