Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Defects: The Reverians Book 1 (AUDIO YA)

Em lives in the perfect place for dream travelers, except she is one of a new generation where it seems some are not being blessed with their psychic gifts, they are considered defects.  But when Em finds out the shocking truth behind why she hasn't received her gift, she is torn with how to fix this for all the other defects before it is to late and  hurting those she loves.
This book is filled with a ton of action and suspense, you might just fall off of your seat while rooting for Em, Rogue and all of their friends.  These characters are all so strong and smart you will wish they were your friends, they are that awesome and their bonds are so strong.  I had the audio narrated by the wonderful Elizabeth Klett, she did such a great job, I totally lost myself in this book and found myself wanting to help and cheering Em and Rogue on myself.  She just made this book so awesome for me, what a wonderful author narrator team I hope they stay together for a long time.


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