Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Belzhar YA

Just imagine you have suffered a  huge trauma in your life and no one understands or can help you through it.  Finally they just send you away to a school that will either help you or keep you hidden so your loved ones won't have to look at you anymore.  When you get there you find out you have been placed in a special "coveted" English class that everyone wants to be in, and so elite only 6 kids get in, and all you have to do all year is read one book, talk about it in class and write in a journal twice a week, how hard it that?  Until you find that the journal is special and lets you go to a special place where you can be with that person you miss so desperately.  But what happens when you run out of pages in the journal?Belzhar is a wonderful book of friendship and bonding even if it is slow and cautious to come.  The story of Jam's is interesting and not as she puts it ordinary.  But all of the teens journeys are long ones of healing, but they help each other as much as their journals do, even if they don't see it until the end.  This was a very good book that will easily keep you turning the pages until the end.  Happy Reading!

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