Monday, July 14, 2014

Boulton Quest series MG

This is a really cool action book for middle graders 12 and up.  It is about two brothers that don't get along that must come to terms with each other to stay alive and save their parents.  Chris is 14 and has the people skills.  Michael is 12 and is a techno geek and bully.  But they quickly learn to work together, trust each other and use each others skills to stay alive and save their parents.  But they go through some pretty exciting, keep you up late, reading by flashlight under the blanket adventures to do this.  It is a very exciting, really cool book, and you will have to read it to see how Michael learns his lesson about bullying, it's a good one he is not soon to forget!

This is the second book of the series and was packed just as full of action as the first.  Chris and Michael are back but this time their awful uncle Robert goes after Chris' girlfriend Katherine to get at the boys and possibly their adoptive dad's latest project that he seems to think is something very powerful and important, so Robert wants it.  So with Katherine's life hanging in the balance and all the adults stuck in Mexico, which is a long story in itself, but one only a adult can get stuck in, the boys along with their friend and Katherine's brother, Thomas must search and rescue Katherine before time runs out.  But what happens on the mountain can not stay on the mountain and that advice comes from the most surprising place, well, person ever, but is this really the end of Robert?  We will have to wait and see.  Be sure not to miss this action packed adventure you will regret it.


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