Saturday, February 22, 2014

Immortal Max

Sam dreams of owning a pedigree puppy, and will do anything to get one.  So when his friends suggest he walk dogs in their high scale neighborhood during the summer to earn the money he jumps at the chance.  But there is still one problem, he already has a dog, Max, a dog that was brought into the vet where his sister worked near death and seemed to only respond to Sam.  Somehow Max lived and is now their miracle dog.  Sam's mom says no new dogs if it will bother Max.  But after being teased by Justin, Sam just has to get that puppy, and this summer!  But his job and reputation seems to be in jeopardy in the fancy gated community of CountyWood.  Who is vandalizing the houses out there and getting the "townies" and Sam blamed for it?  Justin keeps bullying Sam while he is out walking the dogs and sometimes the dogs comeback hurt, the owners have Sam on his last chance when tragedy strikes, and the dreams of many end, but undying friendships can also be found in strange places.

This is a great book, it would make a awesome addition to any library who needs more bullying stories and undying friendship.  Bullying is huge in the news and in schools now and children need to be taught about it and how to deal with bullying the right way and what can happen if it is left undealt with. The author Lutricia Clifton deals with this subject in a way for younger children to understand and learn all about bullying. 


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