Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Touch of Honor


A Touch of Honor is a book centered around a teenage girl named Honor that is in debilitating pain most of the time and no one knows why not even the doctors she is forced to see. Until one day a very cute boy walks into her school and changes her whole world.  Ethan, the cute boy, seeks Honor, a loaner, out and it seems he knows more about her than she knows about herself.  He teaches Honor about her paranormal empathic abilities and how best to control it so she isn't in as much pain but also so it doesn't ultimately kill her like it killed both of their parents.  All is well between the two until Ethan's hot older brother Storm shows up and now Honor is confused, but Storm has his own secrets.  He is working for a man named Gaffer who wants something Honor's birth grandfather left her, only problem is Honor has no clue what it is or where it could be.  The race is on to stay ahead of Gaffer's men should they find whatever it is they are looking for before they do and use it for evil or should Honor and Ethan just run?  Can Honor keep her own feelings in check to stay alive?  Or will everything fall apart?

This book was awesome!  I couldn't put it down.  It really surprised me as I am not much of a romance reader and this book really was not much of a romance book, although, I hope I am not spoiling much if I tell you that they tell me there is a little more romance in the next two books.  But I loved this book so much I am going to chance it and read them.  This really was a stay up late even though you have work in the morning kind of book. 



  1. Great review, Trisha! Thanks for participating in the Honor Trilogy Tour!


  2. Thank you so much, Trisha for your wonderful review. I am so glad you liked it. I hope you like the next two just as much. :)

    1. The second book I will post a review on the 20th so you will just have to wait. LOL

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