Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (Adult)

This is a work of fiction however, a lot of the circumstances are real. The women of the pack horse librarians are very much real, there is a picture of them hanging in my library.  I always thought that picture was cool and dreamed of being able to do that, at least until I read this book, and maybe I don't want that job after all, I like snow days.  Kentucky blue bloods is also a very real thing, although before reading this book I never knew how bad they were treated, and that makes me sad.  So after knowing these things from a real Kentuckian,  I hope you love this story of Cussy Mary and her fellow pack horse librarians as much as I did.  Cussy Mary is such a wonderful, caring, and strong character, I can only hope to be 1/1000 as strong as she is, but I hope I treat my patrons with the same much caring and loving manner as she did.

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