Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Siege (YA)

The Siege, sequel to The Six , is just as explosive.  Almost everyone is back, and even though they thought their foe was gone Sigma was just hiding until he could become strong enough again to come after the special one.  Special one?  Who knew there was a special one and which is it? And now there might be a traitor amongst the Pioneer ranks, what can be worse, asking Alex to figure out which of his friends is the traitor that is what can be worse.  All the while Sigma is attacking Alex's hometown relentlessly, and for what?
This book keeps up all the action and suspense Mr. Alpert's readers have come to love along with many twists and turns that they won't see coming.  This is a awesome sequel to The Six and a great segway into The Silence the next book in the series. This is a great sci-fi series with a lot of robotics thrown in.  There  is also a lot to think about as far as morality goes but can just also just be a fun read so take what you will but have fun reading it as it is a great book/series.

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