Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The List (MG) (YA)

Letta is a wordsmith on the Ark, the last safe place on the earth.  She is the keeper of the words, she makes the official list that people are allowed to use because it was the over use of words that caused the last catastrophe that pretty much wiped out the earth and everything on it.  There is no more music because that was a frivolous use of words.  But there are people that live on the outskirts of the Ark that believe differently and they are trying to start a revolution.   Letta is forced with a horrid decision as her leader keeps cutting more and more words, to stay and accept the way things are or rebel and fight for the words she holds dear.
This is a awesome book and one that makes you think on so many different levels.  I am sure a middle grade reader might find certain things in their life's to fight for that would be different that a young adult or adult, but it makes each think of those things and how they might go about it in their everyday life same as Letta did.  This is a powerful book and I hope it will make one of this generations classics.

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