Tuesday, August 15, 2017


If you've seen the movie and ever wondered what happened in Santa Clara after Max and rest of the blood suckers goo has been washed away, here is your chance.  Michael and Sam are back along with Star, Laddie and of course the Frog brothers and it seems there is a new female coven of vamps that has moved to town and they call themselves the Blood Belles. So who will win this  battle of the beaches?
This is a very entertaining graphic novel especially for me since I was a big fan of the Lost Boys as a movie when I was kid (UGH dating myself there), I could still hear the sound track playing in the background as I read this graphic novel.  But it was a blast from the past and I really liked it.  The illustrations were awesome, as was the story line!!! It was really so cool, and I hope to actually be able to own these some day (public librarians do not actually make enough to own every book they want and live), but these actually rank really high on my list, sorry Ironman. 

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