Thursday, August 10, 2017

Illusion Book Four of the Grimoire Saga (YA AUDIO)

This, the last few grains of sand in the hour glass of time for Kara and Braeden, and the lands they love as the war comes to a end, but will they win and get more time or lose and everyone runs out of time?  Kara will do anything to win and give her land the time to heal and that scares Braeden to death, because despite his feelings it is not a luxury he can afford for her.  They think they have everything figured out down to the timing, except for one variable, the traitorous blood among them.
This was a bitter sweet book for me, it was just as action packed, suspense filled, and had all the twists and turns I have come to love, but I was sad that this was the last of the series, I don't think I was prepared to let Kara, Braeden, Stone, and First Vagabond go yet, they where such awesome strong characters, that I have grown to love. Listening to the series with Kara Kovacich Stewart narrating and giving each of the character a voice I have each of them, and the whole land of Ourea, pictured in mind just through her awesome descriptions.  Between the authors words and the narrators voice talent I was there fighting for Ourea, and it was awesome, and I will miss it tremendously.

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