Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Unwelcomed The Uninvited Book 3 (ADULT AUDIO)

The Stranger thinks it is time to retire and goes and finds a place deep in a huge piece of woods where hopefully people won't bother him and  most of all temp him back to killing ways.  But that doesn't happen and the stranger finds he was ready to hang up his ax.  But how close did FBI agent Grey get while the Stranger was taking his break? 
This is another welcomed book from Evans, after almost a year since The Stranger came out on audio, and another warning it is probably no one you want to listing to late at night, by yourself, especially in a older creakier house.  Narrator SW Salzman makes it creepy enough with the voices he uses, you won't want anything else to freak you out, as this book is not for those faint at heart.  But both author and narrator do such a awesome job that you just can't stop once you get started, so I am warning you now, last time, really no turning back.

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