Thursday, August 3, 2017

Without You Book 1 In The Changing Hearts Series (YA 14+ AUDIO)

Ariana meets Lucas her senior year and he is everything a girl could ever want, except she has always wanted University of Georgia and has done everything she can to get there and afford it, scholarships and all, and he can't go.  So is it Lucas or U of G and will there be any regrets over her choices?
This is a awesome book with very real teenage problems weaved throughout the book, ones teens face day to day and the ones the deal with going off to college. I really enjoyed this book for the fact that it was kept realistic on all levels.  Narrator Ramona Master made this book especially wonderful by her beautiful narration, her portrayal of the different characters was awesome and the feeling and emotion she interjected in to the story, through her voice was phenomenal.  It was really good you should give it a try if you have never tried one before.

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