Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Genius: The Con (YA)

Sequel to Genius: The Game this book starts out right where the story left off, however, if you read on it does fill in the blanks so you don't necessarily have to have read book one, but it is a really good book and you will want to read it anyways after reading this one so why not go ahead and read them in order.  :)
Painted Wolf gets Rex and Tunde out of dodge and into Tunde's village with his special EMP weapon for the local warlord that is holding Tunde's family and people hostage.  But the three teens have also came with plans to hopefully defeat the warlord once and for all, but if it doesn't work they will kill everyone, and never find Rex's brother.
This is such a non stop action packed book, I just could not put it down.  If you like techy stuff and books filled with action all the time this is for you.  The three main characters are so cool I would love to tag along with them some time and just watch them do their thing and maybe learn something. I think Painted Wolf is my hero, but Rex is so cool on the computer, but I am more like Tunde with mechanical skills.  So it is easy to find something of yourself in at least one of  the characters and follow that along in the story so it is like you are there, in the action with them.  So much fun!

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