Sunday, July 30, 2017

Out of the Soylent Planet (A Rex Nihilo Adventure) Book 0 (ADULT)

This is a story of a futuristic con man (Rex) and a robot assistant (Sasha) that is stuck with Rex since Rex was conned into buying Sasha, so Sasha tries her best to help Rex the best she can.  But after being sent to the planet Jorfu to atone (or die) for some errant con and money owed to one king pin.  Rex and Sasha find themselves on the run for their lives and the only thing that will save them is the take over of the company Ubiqorp.
This is one action packed, suspenseful, funny, book, and when in their two other friends than it will really get you laughing.  These two find friends in odd places but get caught by Ubiqorp in the most predictable places.  It can be a comedy of errors and with Sasha's shutting down and rebooting at the wrong time issue it can just be a fun book, but the question still remains is soylent people?

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