Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Silence: The Six Series Book 3 (YA)

When Adam joined the pioneer program he became part of a team, they were to protect the world from digital threats.  Now Adam has more power and he's not sure how to use it , but his new girlfriend, and newest pioneer, Amber is helping him try to figure it out, only Adam's friends keep trying to warn him that her ideas are not in his best interest, only Adam won't listen.  Adam feels more more alone and isolated.
This is a very exciting action packed and suspenseful book with many twists and turns,  It asks many very real questions about very real science and beliefs going on today and will leave you thinking what if?  If you are in any way interested in computers and the digital world you will love this series, it is not written over anyone's head but takes you on a wild ride through the digital world and spits you out on the other side asking questions even scholars are asking now.

The Siege

The Six

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